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Patristics means “the study of the Church Fathers.” The purpose of this site is to provide valuable resources for Christians of all traditions.
Whether you are Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant, you will find this site to be an asset to your studies of ancient Christendom, while simultaneously
being pleasant to behold. Glory be to God for all things.

What make us unique

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Whether you are looking to learn about the Church Fathers, or what became of the Samaritan woman, or where the ancient Church is today, or about Ecumenical Councils and what is considered heresy, we’ve got you covered.

Free Access

If it is in the public domain, it will be here. We can’t put a price on knowledge, nor should we create obstacles for those willing to learn. Education should be free. Period.

Carefully Weighed

Many people struggle with reading archaic sentence structure. Our English versions are carefully worded to provide the most relevant understanding of ancient texts.

Gorgeous Visuals

Are you tired of resource websites that are all text and no visuals? Same here. That dilemma is actually a major reason for the existence of this site. It’s time we put the beauty back into the work.

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Why study?

  • "People sometimes say: ‘What is the value of studying patristics?  It is all so long ago and all so alien to the modern mind.’ Some of these doubters are just averse to reading and remain content with ‘Vogue’ or the ‘Daily Post’ to give them their intellectual formation; but others are more serious critics, they have the coal dust of the intellectual miner all over their faces; they have quarried long and hard, and worked the surface underground before rising back up to common discourse, and they worry about relevance. And so I consider their question: and then I think of the Fathers, who equally were great quarrymen and crushers of intellectual stone, but worked consistently with diamonds and precious gems, and when they came out into the light of day to converse with the men and women of their era they donned the elegant costume of rhetoric but still had the luminous dust of diamonds clinging to their face, and making all they touched glitter. I have read many theological works more than once, but very few indeed, to tell the truth, bear a second reading and even fewer a third. But  I have never found either the Gospels or the  great Church Fathers to be ever less than an inexhaustible source of freshness whenever I have picked them up, time after time. To me it is a sign of deep and inspired grace."

    Archpriest John McGuckin
    Archpriest John McGuckin Professor of Byzantine Theology
  • "Reading the early Fathers is the best way to acquire the mind of the early Church."

    Dr. Eugenia Constantinou
    Dr. Eugenia Constantinou New Testament Scholar
  • "Having the writings of the Fathers so easily accessible is a great blessing to all who seek wisdom from the inspired writings of the saints."

    Fr. Timothy Hojniki
    Fr. Timothy Hojniki Orthodox Priest
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